Friday, 15 June 2012

Pre-season Preperations

So the river season is almost upon us and I cant wait to get back out with the splitcane rods to see what I can tempt out. I decided it would be a good idea to check out the state of the rods and floats before going and found myself lacking in the float department so had a go at making some more myself. 
 First things first was the purchase of some fresh float paints and , as I've just moved house, enquiries into the  availability of river fishing close to my new home. What a waste of time it very nearly turned out to be. The local tackle shop did indeed carry float paints so i rather gleefully bought a bottle of red and one of orange...or rather half of one of orange as the darned bottle had a leak as i found out after putting it in my pocket. Im glad it was the orange that leaked as after applying some of the remaining paint to a float i realised just how much I hate the color on floats!
 As for the shopkeepers knowledge of local river fishing, I'm sorry to say that his first words made me fume .. " River fishing? Nobody does that anymore " ..really ? then why the hell did I just ask about it? guess that means my names nobody.Next he says " if you can travel theres the ribble but nothing closer..." Exscuse me?? I know for a fact there are three rivers that have thier sources within 5 miles of my home, the Tame, the Beal and the Roch. 
 So it looks like im going to have to spend a fiver on bus fares and travel to waters I know rather than breaking in the season on a new stretch.Oh well.
 Last time I posted on here I promised to put up pics of my second attempt at rod restoration so here goes...
This entire section of the handle was missing its cork and covered in some kind of black tape when i bought the rod.

Here you can see the join from the original cork on the right to the sheeting I used as replacement material.
A quick glance and it doesnt look too bad for a first attempt right?

I managed to save all the original eyes , ferrules and fittings but again found myself faced with intermediate whippings. Fortunately I still had the needle threaders from moms sewing kit so remained undaunted.

At only 6 feet in length its one of the shortest cane rods Ive seen but it sure handles the pike (see the last post).Unfortunately theres no provenance with this little beauty so I have no idea where or when it was made or even who by.

Four Balsa on crowquill floats. The two toppers were made using broken pole float bodies, the others were made entirely by hand, no lathes/power tools used at all.
 A pair of porcupine quills with crowquill inserts and a selection of handmade bobbers using cork , cane, porc quills and a wooden bead.
Admittedly these arent up to the standards of most floatmakers but they work and imo thats the main thing, plus I still buzz like hell everytime one of these ugly little monsters disapears :) .
 Well its time i was asleep if I want to get up early and go greet the new season , just glad i bought a new brolly when i had the chance..
 Tight Lines All.

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  1. Good work mate and good luck on the rivers.